When Family forget they’re your family..

sunset girl

In our day to day lives.. living, breathing, talking, moving, working, typing… so on and so forth.. We sometimes forget we are not the only people in this world.. That the world does not revolve around one person and one person alone.. The world will continue to revolve with or without you, that whether you want the sun to rise or not – makes no hell of a difference. (unless it’s apocalyptic, then I don’t know what to expect)

We forget we are not semi corporeal spectres that are just drifting through life at our own pace, we then come to realise that we are in fact not moving at our own pace at all, we pace our lives based on routine and work and cooking and cleaning and we base it on other vagaries of our lives that need real life bodies and minds – last time I checked.

Somewhere in there, we forget people, we forget the people that are closest to us. We forget to ask how their day has been, if they smiled enough, if they had coffee spilled on them or if they slipped-tripped and broke their clavicle, argued with the checkout lady at a store. We forget we are not alone and that a simple gesture from us could turn someone’s day around, a simple text, a word, a smile, a lie about how they look beautiful when really thinking brown is not your colour, you resemble a two year olds crappy diper! (You better say something to get them to change shirts.)

The point – We forget.

Is saying “the pressure of a day in today’s world is making us forget to be nice, caring and loving” reason enough to forget that we are people dealing with people? Is it making us take gestures for granted, making us unkind and inconsiderate to other people?

If that be the case, we should really not be called social animals.. Animals is accurate.. The Social – eerrrrr…….not so much (kill that word!!! nocks arrow into crossbow. Fires. Word dies cussing and whimpering on the ground). We would rather eat our own fingers than take the time to care and figure out other people.

When family and friends forget they are someone’s family and friends.. then we descend into a secular world, into one, where we could might as well be robots that are actually monkeys – Robot monkeys, I say!

Robot monkeys that have to pull the lice out of their own heads and bodies even when your abnormally long hands won’t reach, because you’re alone and have no real connection with other robot monkeys that will scratch your back when you have an itch.

Are we really so self-absorbed that we cannot see pain and fear or sadness in the people closest to us, we cannot see the damage and abuse in their lives, or do we choose to ignore it, because dealing with it will be tiring and we just can’t for the life of us be bothered? Like the multiple layering of cabbages, there is no magic seed inside, we pretend to be complicated beings (and maybe some of us are.) with walls wrapped tighly around us, wrapped (not warped, I checked.) up in our own minds and problems that we dont care to look outside of them.

This post is not about me trying to provide the answers to some thought provoking questions, that are causing me to have a head ache so severe, I’m nauseated, I would sooner light the wick attached to my head and have it blow up.. (skull fragments flying about like grenade shrapnel, peppering walls and other surfaces like nails) before I could answer the questions popping into my head like annoying coloured marbles bouncing on a wood counter or provide some miraculous insight into the human mind – well I could try… and here’s the closest I’ve come – We are really probably just electronic monkeys. Plugged in and controlled by a race of parakeets on the distant plant Caw, having some fun with remote control robot monkeys.

It’s just something I was pondering and post my inner monologue ranting, I thought it best to get it out of my head.. It’s just me wondering what we have been reduced to when words like friends (not fiends) and family (not crap-mily) don’t mean much today. We would rather have the attention of people we friended on FB or twitter that are 2 million miles away and who cannot be constants in our lives. We choose to ignore what is in front, real and solid. The real people in our lives.

Parents forgetting children at school, they had a meeting that was more important. Friends forgetting friends, parents not understanding how their actions affect their children, whether these childer are 3 or 30, siblings forgetting siblings – because of course the answer is “something’s are more important at that moment” – I guess it will take us time to reflect on the things and moments we missed out on with real people.

Oh don’t you fret, you will have enough time to reflect – on your hospital bed, alone, tubes and beeping machines, catheter in place and when you smell like chemicals and disinfectant and have been reduced to a pile of human goo like well kneaded bread dough placed on a counter top, a slice of Sea Bass slow baked in a gill, because a god is waiting for his Sunday brunch and you will wonder why nobody is here with you.. What could you have done wrong to the people that were supposed to care for you most in your life? Your family and friends.

We don’t realise that what time we have is limited time and a limited number of people in this world to care for and share this time with. Instead of hoping for some miraculous connection, more money, better TV, Newest smart phone.. Make what you have with the people in your lives Magic. Make magical, extraordinary moments that will stay with you and with them. Make a real, genuine connection.

You will realise that 5 friends spending time with you – whether you are laughing or crying in that time, is well worth more than a 100 likes on your fake cropped and photo shopped picture on a social media site. It is better and more rewarding than your job, at least it will be better than most of our jobs – lets be real, not many of us like our jobs. And it’s better than people that are really acquaintances that you call friends – only because you are a poopy head and can’t tell the difference.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t forget people.

Our lives revolve around people. We do things to make them happy or sad, but we do it for them or to them. Its people that will hold your hand when you need it, pat your back when you deserve it and give you the warmest hugs when you get cold. It is people that will fill the void, people that will encourage you when you can’t go on, and people that will talk you off that ledge when you want to step off.

In the end you realise the world doesnt give a shit about the furry backside of a blow fly’s ass about you, but people will and they do.

People. Matter. Dung Brains.

(Shoots you in the head till poop leaks out. Thinks – what a waste of good manure.)


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