Mini Epiphany…


Don’t be afraid to say what everyone else is thinking, but won’t say. (My honesty gets mean when I’m tired, sleep deprived and emotional, but hey it’s honest)

Dancing can fix any problem. Let loose.  (I jump about to the happy song when I’m pissed and then I don’t feel so pissed. Cuz it’s likely I’m more tired than pissed.)

Try everything once. Like anything. You might surprise yourself. (I tried being friends with AB, look how that turned out)

It’s ok to define yourself by your passion. Believe in yourself. (I am a writer, albeit an unsuccessful, sucky and novice one, but a writer all the same. Words are my passion.)

Know when to put someone else’s needs in front of your own. (I let my parents kill my chickens to feed starved fat people and rob me of my mutton, it doesn’t get any more selfless than that.)

Try to put fear aside when some else is more scared. (Not sure if this is possible with me, I am the most scared person ever, except when it comes to dogs. Anil I have your back)

It’s ok to let it out. (P knows I let it all out at very inappropriate times like 5:30 AM)

Broken hearts, hurt. A lot. (Anil should know a bit about this, his is quite literally broken.)

When you’re having a bad day put things in perspective. (This is mostly every day, but I have a smoke and think if I get this done now, I won’t get nagged about it tomorrow.)

The best parties have tequila. (always and forever, to love and hold, in sickness and health, in sorrow and happiness, to have, to hold and to drink.. forever, Amen.)

Recognise when to put a fight on hold. (Get a universal remote and start pressing that pause button. Something’s are more important sometimes.)

Life can be hard and unfair. You can try to understand, try to sympathise. Being honest in necessary moments is more helpful than you think.  (No shit Sherlock, yeah we know life sucks, but you can either burst like a pipe or squeeze out a diamond under the pressure.. it’s up to you. And if you want unbridled, unbiased honesty you know where I live.. pop on over for a well-earned dose of sympathy and honesty.  I charge 100 bucks to honestly insult you for 30 minutes.)

Share your experiences. (I take mutton and pets very seriously and me sharing a mutton/dead pet related story is very personal to me, so you have it, my deepest, darkest stories shared.)

A good hug, goes a long way. (Find a bear it you want one, but be prepared when I want one. All of you are bears compared to me, with the exception of AB, who is more like an alcoholic rabbit that went for a shave.)

Be realistic, don’t try to help, when you know you cannot, even in dire situations. (I know a useless cause when I see it, Mark will never stop sucking on the Devil’s penis, there is no point in us asking him to stop. It’s clear how much he enjoys it, it’s stress “busting”.)

Be confident in your decisions, even the hard ones. (OH!! The universe knows I know about this one, I am dating George, tough to date a megalomaniac workaholic, but hey, they didn’t say not to be stupid, right?)

Good things come to those who wait and sing. (tap your toes and sing, your time will come. You’re not Bruno mars or Ryan Tedder, so do it quietly. J)

Everyone needs a kick in the butt. (Always, always and I’m pretty glad I have a “kick up your butt” brigade that are Oh so happy to dish it out when I need it.)

Never Lie. (Don’t lie. Ever. Have no illusions about who you are, who you think you are and who you are dealing with, the truth hurts, but it’s better than a broken heart or Cancer or the black plague or genocide or the Nazi’s…you get what I mean, the truth is hard, but better than a million things…)

Power through. (If you want it, you will get it, but it doesn’t come for free, you will spend – time, effort, emotion, and may be money depending on what you’re looking for or want. Persevere and power through.)

Everybody needs encouragement. (encouragement is not the same as a kick in the butt, know people, know that you are dealing with people, lend an ear, say kind things, Help. If you cannot or don’t care enough to do it, don’t. No encouragement is better than a half arsed attempt at it.

Tough love is necessary. (I’m not talking about domestic abuse or abuse at the office, George your punching, skelping and giving people nipple twisters do not count as touch love. Come up with something better.)

Ok great for those of you that made it to the end, hats off, now that you know the secrets to living life.. go live it, in work, personally, with family.. whatever….

Push through guys. Here’s the thing about silver linings, if you don’t know what it is, you don’t know it’s there and if you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to find it. I promise we will find the places we want to be… soon.


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